Bali Day 2 (ii)

We visited the Ubud Palace as well as the Blanco Museum in the morning. We set off around 9am and walked up our street. Walking to Ubud Palace took about 15mins. The Palace looked really small though. We couldn’t actually enter the palace so I don’t really know if it was small but as the only place tourists could enter was the courtyard, I’m basing it on the size of the courtyard.

We saw little boys and girls learning the traditional Balinese dance. Looks interesting but we didn’t stay long. Too many tourists taking photos and distracting the boys.

We decided to walk further to visit the Blanco Museum. It took us another 20mins to walk from the Ubud Palace to the Blanco Museum. The museum’s entry fee is IDR80,000 (S$8) and it has a little bird park. The birds’ wings were clipped but they were not chained to anything. Since they couldn’t fly away, they were just left out there. Most of them were just chilling on the trees. I even had one perched on my forearm. Most of the artwork featured in the museum were about nude Balinese dancers. Antonio Blanco, the artist, had as his model his future wife. He eventually married her and settled down in Bali. Overall, I enjoyed my visit to the museum.

After the museum, we just walked back and had lunch. Was quite disappointed about the food. The one dish I like was the crispy duck dishes. They actually give you half a duck even though the duck is smaller than the ones I’m used to in Singapore. The babi guling however is a disappointment. Very thin slices (about 4 slices…) and nothing else.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to rest. The rest of the day was just spent walking to look for a good place for dinner.

Anyway, tomorrow, we will be having a full day’s tour so I will try to update with pictures.