About Me

I was born John Robert Manalo Poon on the 22nd of July, 1981 in Manila, Philippines. Came to this sunny island of Singapore some time when I was 5 years old. My dad’s singaporean chinese whilst my mum’s anything but. She’s a mixture of filipina and spanish. That would make me… a mixture of filipino, chinese and spanish! Wow huh? Now… does that make me eurasian? Well, technically speaking, I am. However, since that spanish blood has been so filtered, I’m content to just be known as an asian. For what it’s worth, I don’t look particularly eurasian anyway. My parents calls me Jay or JR for short. No one else can call me that except for those I consider particularly close friends or my girlfriend/s. Well. Charmaine could call me Jay all she wants. Regarding those whom I’m not close with… I won’t respond if you call Jay. I think.

I’m currently studying Studied in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. My current course of study is the Diploma in Electrical Engineering. For one who hates mathematics like I do, I wonder what I am doing in this course. Oh sure. I have my reasons behind it, but on hindsight, it was a really stupid decision and I should have transferred to a different course when I had the chance. Oh well. Nothing to it but to just work hard and strive for excellence. Although currently I am doing anything but.

I had tried my hand at a local Pre-University Centre and studied there for almost 3 years before dropping out. Was in the Science faculty and studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics C, General Papers and had Mandarin as my mother tongue. Reasons for dropping out? Failed my mathematics and my mother tongue terribly and I got bored. Lame reason huh? But oh well, I was younger. Probably am still making lots of foolish mistakes anyhow.

I’m fluent in English and I can speak Tagalog and Mandarin. I snagged an ‘A’ for my basic Japanese and I can communicate, albeit brokenly, in Bahasa Melayu. I’m currently trying my hand at Spanish and will probably take either German or French lessons some time in the near future. I’m more of an ‘Arts’ person, although I can’t draw for nuts. I’m weird in that way because since I know I love taking literature, why the hell did I apply for a course in the Science faculty? Weird huh? I’m also in love with Latin. I want to learn Latin because the words, the phrases, the proverbs sounds… nice. And interesting. Eg: Acta Non Verba (Actions, not words).

I’ve finished the mandatory National Service that singaporean men aged 18 and above have to go through. I served in the Singapore Civil Defence Force as an ambulance medic. Seens lots of deaths, accidents and what-nots. Kinda jaded because of it. Also, because of these experiences, I’m very short on patience on people who act as if the whole world revolves around them. I’ve seen people die before my very eyes, as the rest of the ambulance crew and myself fight for their very lives. I’ve seen and even helped to deliver a baby on a moving ambulance. I’ve seen life and death. No, infact, I have touched life and death. Can anyone else not in this line say the same?

I love poetry and song writing. I’ve dabbled in both. I love the play on words. I love the way a word sounds and how certain words, used correctly, can build and edify a person. How certain words, used recklessly, can kill a person emotionally and spiritually. I love the power of both the spoken and the written words. How both can build or destroy a nation, a family and oneself.

I’m in love with martial arts. I love how graceful a well-trained martial artist can be. How without music, he can create a song, a dance, in his movements. He does not strike first, knowing that knowledge of his art already grants him victory. He does not retaliate, unless it is to defend others. He does not relish bloodshed, prefering to live in peace.

Having said that, I’m currently president of the Kitagaryu Ninjado club in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Although, this doesn’t mean I’m skillful or good or capable or anything like that. Since I’m inherently a pessimist, I choose to take it that since they have no one else to choose from, they have chosen me. I’m sure if there was someone else more capable, they’d have elected him in a heartbeat.

I’m currently single and available. Not looking though. In love with someone although she doesn’t care nor does she give a damn. I used to love someone alot. Been with her about 2 years and a few months. Never been that close to anyone before, and when she left me, my world collapsed. Granted, it was my fault the relationship ended. However, I’m willing to give everything just to have that one more shot at it. I know it’s impossible though. But no one ever said that a person cannot dream nor hope. Yet, what use is hope when the truth is already known?

So, I write songs, I write poetry, I do up webpages and I love to sing. I love to play my guitar and I love to daydream. I love mangoes, durians, dark chocolates and also soya bean milk. I absolutely adore cinnamon. Cinnamon doughnuts, cinnamon pretzels, cinnamon cupcakes, you name it, I dig it. I also love drinking this juice (orange mixed with mangoes and strawberries). It’s real nice. I love drinking coke too. Infact, I get high on coke. If you need someone to liven up your days, get me and a can of coke and you’ll have hours of laughter. I promise.

updates: Going on to my final year of studies in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. No longer the president of Kitagaryu Ninjado Club as I’ve handed down the committee. I’m now in love with 100plus + redbull. Still single. Still available. Even more cynical. Still an optimistic pessimist. ’nuff said.

updates as at 11th June 2010: will be starting work in Bowen Secondary soon. looking forward to it? yeaps. apprehensive? of course! still single? yes! available? nope. not unless you are her. but since even she doesn’t know who she is, well… chances are, it just might not be you. i still love cinnamon. i still love mango. i still play the guitar. i’m now also playing the bongos. i’m serving in the music team in my church’s charismatic prayer group, serving in the church’s 7am choir as well as serving as a catechist in my church. i’m currently a temp staff in the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and i’m loving it here. i love the people, i love the place. i’m going to be really sad when i leave.

updates as at 10th June 2010: currently working in Xinmin Secondary School. plays the guitar, the bongos and the cajon. still single. even more cynical. even more pessimistic. currently taking an english degree in SIM.

i’m still an optimistic pessimist. i have quit drinking coke. moved on to drinking loads of beer. but just recently got introduced to cider and man! that one is the bomb! i want that.

i’m still suffering from an inferiority complex. i’m no longer as sure of myself. i’m no longer as confident. but then again, in life, there will be ups and downs. maybe when i next update this page, things will be better. until then, God bless!